Application Development and Maintenance

Application Development
& Maintenance

Today, many Australian companies require customized software development assistance. Softqube provides talented IT professionals to help businesses prosper. We offer comprehensive application development and application maintenance services.

Application Development

As a globally accepted solution provider, we offer the technical expertise to help Australian companies:

  • Develop new proprietary applications
  • Enhance an existing application to promote scalability
  • Produce multi-platform versions of existing applications
  • Upgrade an existing application to display well on new mobile devices
  • Maintain custom designed applications over the course of time
  • Test proposed application upgrades and modifications
  • Help migrate customized legacy applications to new platforms

Our services enable clients to operate more effectively in a competitive global marketplace.

Recommending Compatible Applications

If your firm has already developed customized applications, but requires additional software to perform other Information Technology functions, our skilled IT professionals will work with you to assist you in identifying compatible products. Today, many excellent tools help streamline and automate business functions.

Softqube maintains the ability to identify and access IT workers with the specific skill sets your firm needs in order to keep your proprietary enterprise applications updated and functioning seamlessly. We’ll help you integrate these systems into other business operations. As an accepted IT solutions provider with an international presence, we offer software integration assistance.

Maintenance Services

We’ll also help maintain customized legacy applications that already assist your business operations. Today, a multitude of computer programming languages and platforms challenge the ability of mvany corporate IT Departments to keep pace with changing marketplace technologies. Softqube supplies valuable systems analysis, personnel and expertise to keep your business enterprise at the forefront of developments impacting your industry.

Our IT experts possess the skills required to help you maintain applications involved in many aspects of business, including:

Website Design


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine

Multimedia Functions


E-Commerce and Internet Marketing

E-Commerce and Internet Marketing

Social Media Campaigns and more

Social Media
Campaigns, and



Whether your require staffing assistance to develop new customized apps, promote the integration of customized applications with business operations, or maintain existing legacy software applications in smoothly working condition, you can depend upon Softqube to help you meet your objectives. We’ll provide the IT expertise required to keep your business competing effectively in a dynamic global marketplace.

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