Agile Software Development And Its Importance In IT

Agile software development is a set of principles that help in collaborating different functioning organizations. With the help of these principles, it becomes a lot easier for companies to plan, develop, deliver and also improve along with rapid and flexible response to change. Agile development is a set of methods that help companies to recognize the results. This methodology was first proclaimed in the year 2001 and later on used by many companies.

Why agile development is a new Buzz?

Agile software development has become of the key strategies and standard for IT companies when it comes to the field of evolution and technology. It provides the desired environment for development under specific requirements. Under the term of agile development, necessary prototypes can be created, functional changes can be performed systematically and possible modifications can be performed as per the business requirement. Apart from these activities, companies can also go for shorter intervals between system releases and provide more productive and efficient way to promote development.

How to implement agile development

One of the key ideas behind agile software development is ensuring that the development happens more smoothly and completing the business requirements on time. This strategy helps in allocating key software functionalities and helps in resolution of the project on time. The key methods applied under agile software development are making sure that the project is divided into specific stages. The main purpose of each of the stages is to realize desired functionality. Timeframe and budget is constrained in each of the stages and the project owners drive and ensure completion of each stage on time. A more flexible approach is chosen in order to allow focused change in development process without changing the patterns. One of the biggest benefits of this approach is the way changes are performed. Companies should be able to maintain projects and also should ensure that timely completion of project should happen in order to maintain project reliability and customer business requirement. Judging the experience of companies and also ensuring active collaboration between service and buyers, it is important for the project owners to understand there is a requirement of successfully managing agile development and realize the practice into implementation.


The Agile development methodology has been set based upon manifesto and design principle. The main alternatives of this approach are that it helps in providing more alternatives to users and gives a better analysis of project. There are various key principles and missions that needs to handle by companies and it is important for the companies to provide friendlier environment for the team so that projects can be completed on time. Agile software development involves handling all the process related issues timely and ensuring that the goals of the project are achieved on time. One of the key areas of focus include continuous integration, test driven development, pair programming, design patterns, code refactoring and at the same time providing a more enhanced and evolved end result. All these tasks can be done proactively by ensuring that the systems are properly tested by new methodology. Such methods are quite commonly used in Softqubes Technologies and can even be contacted directly for agile software development.