Always Start with “Why” for Agile Change or Adoption

Why has your organization decided to become more agile? This is not a valid or sensible reason. Before focusing on change, adoption or improvement program, know the rationale behind this decision. Now think why you should consider agile.

Taking a traditional approach to answer this question is a must have for the Agile development. With a traditional approach, you may see an executive team going off-site for two to three days, holding a workshop to decide why you should be agile, design an adoption strategy, and summarizing everything in a few sentences so that it can be sent out in a memo.

Initiatives for large-scale change have to do with more ceremony, meetings and setups than this. However, there are many failings in this and it includes involves selecting few executives in envisioning and making decisions and attempting to plan after a long haul. There are many examples in our industry due to failed change efforts and it would cost lots of amount if this approach does not work.

The famous burning platform memo in 2011 was issued at Nokia. After two years, the company was sold to Microsoft. Avon wrote off $ 125 million work that built an enterprise software implementation that drove representatives away. This change fails to aid all the people, it’s intended for.

A combination of these things would result in failure:

  • Ask why: In most of the cases ‘Why’ is not understood by most of victims of change.
  • Good strategy: Strategy made by the executive group does not make any sense to people who are doing the work.
  • Ownership: People who perform most of the work of the system feel that there is no need to change your ownership.
  • Connection: The strategy is not connected to problems that people experience at the edge of the system.
  • Focus on Improvement: Implement good strategies for making improvement in many executives, but it are not for the doers.
  • Culture: Change may not necessarily fit in the culture of the organization.
  • Leadership: Top level of management asks for change and it does not appear to be involved with happening of an event.

Softqube Technologies reveals why the change in agile organization is required to be more effective. Often executives who make a decree without understanding the goals of change are much needed. It is a quick decision and it is made at a corporate retreat while the agile development.

It is an ongoing effort that helps you to figure out answers to why collaboratively and being mindful as far as essential ingredients are concerned. Try it today!!