Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

Data Warehouse and
Business Intelligence

Softqube offers data warehouse and business intelligence (“BI”) services to Australian companies within several specific domains. Today these fields hold particular importance for enterprises that conduct Internet marketing.


We offer BI and data warehousing services to companies working in several important economic sectors. These domains include:

  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail
  • Healthcare
  • News Media and Entertainment

Whether your company operates a hotel in Melbourne or a travel agency in Sydney…markets products through direct sales or shopping outlets…hauls freight or carries passengers…or supplies video or multimedia productions to a global audience, you’ll benefit from our services. We’ll assist you in gathering and using business data more efficiently.

Applying BI

We assist clients in employing BI for a variety of vital marketing and operational purposes. Some of these uses include:



Obtain the data you require to evaluate you firm’s performance

Knowledge Management


Archive and store information more effectively.



Track key parameters to chart your business success.


Collaboration Platform

Share knowledge and exchange ideas to assist company growth.



Generate the useful business reports you require, on schedule.

Service Landscapes

Our critical service landscapes include four distinct areas of expertise:


You’ll obtain vital assistance in mapping, analyzing, maintaining and enhancing your IT architecture. For instance, draw upon these skills to plan and implement structural changes that affect your Information Technology infrastructure.

Architecture Services

Reporting_area Reporting


Our experts enable your company to gain insight into critical issues impacting business operations in your industry. We’ll help leverage the necessary data sets from your BI data warehouse to elicit critical information you require. Use these insights to evaluate your performance management over the course of time and make sound business decisions.

Data Transformation

Today many data warehouses depend upon the process of data transformation, in which data from a source data system undergoes change in order to fit into a “destination” data system. This process sometimes entails considerable complexity, but it usually enhances data warehouse performance from a client’s perspective. Softqube helps Australian firms access the talents of experts in this field.


sevice_land_image Data-Visualization

Data Visualization

Softqube. can also assist your firm in obtaining the expertise required to manipulate and work with data collected from your data warehouse. Firms employ this information in order to identify important business and market trends. Data visualization services assist enterprises in optimizing the benefits gained through effective DW Design & Development.



For all these reasons, count on Softqube to offer valuable support in the emerging fields of data warehouse and BI operations.

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