Professional Legacy Application Migration Assistance

Professional Legacy
Application Migration

The transfer of a legacy application to a new information technology platform requires care and specialized expertise. As a leader in offshore software development and implementation, Softqube possesses the skills required to assist Australian enterprises in upgrading to higher performance levels.

Meeting The Challenges of
Technology Upgrades

Whether you seek to enhance a proprietary legacy system and still enjoy future scalability, or whether you simply need to transfer your existing company Information Technology architecture to a newer, cloud-based environment, our services and personnel facilitate a seamless migration lifecycle.

Experienced Personnel

With access to IT professionals trained in a variety of cutting-edge software programming languages, applications and platforms, Softqube suppvlies the talent you require to make a transition from a legacy-based system to newer, more powerful tools. The ability to call upon personnel trained in software and application development and specific, cross-platform protocols sometimes makes a huge difference in the final outcome of a project. Our company specializes in the IT field; we’ll use our experience and expertise to assist you.


Lean and Agile
Migration Lifestyles

The rapid expansion of the Internet means that Australian businesses must adopt more agile, lean systems in order to compete effectively in an increasingly mobile global marketplace. Application migration sometimes encounters unexpected obstacles. Yet moving to more powerful computer technology greatly benefits businesses seeking to expand, automate and modernize. In some situations, it remains imperative to retain key proprietary aspects of legacy applications which complement company operations. We’ll help your business conduct effective legacy migration. Our services include:

  • Developing compatible new applications for mobile platforms
  • Evaluating existing legacy software in terms of scalability and portability
  • Migrating software from an existing system to a newer, scalable platform
  • Planning future IT growth
  • Enhancing your ability to conduct effective social media and SEO campaigns that will integrate fully with automated systems
  • Testing to ensure that an application migration occurs seamlessly

Complex Yet Vital

Today’s complex business environment requires access to the type of specialized expertise and services that Softqube offers. As leaders in offshore software development, we supply valuable input about many critical areas during the migration of a legacy system, including:

  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Business Software Services
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Designing & Multimedia, and more.



Rely upon us to help your legacy application migration occur as seamlessly and effectively as possible. We respect your unique business requirements and we’ll work hard to ensure that the transition process assists your enterprise in the future.

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