Our Model

Our Model

Our Model offers Australian clients the opportunity to obtain the services of highly skilled Information Technology employees in order to complete customized software development. When you require someone with expertise in a designated computer programming language, or a particular program platform, you can call upon Softqube We’ll supply IT professionals with the qualifications meeting your specifications.



We employ either a Collaboration Model or a
Dedicated Development Process Model.
We tailor our services to fit your business needs:

A Collaboration Model

You pay a single, fixed price for initial software development services with this model for small and medium sized projects. This invoice covers:

  • Clearly defined and specified client requirements
  • We include free bug fixing for predefined period
    (warranty period)
  • We’re accountable for product quality and deliverables
  • Moderate development risks sometimes occur
  • Suitable for projects of medium technological complexity

We bill for time and materials charges separately during dynamic middle-sized and large projects employing this model. A portion of the charges relate to the effective hours dedicated to project development.

A Dedicated Development
Process Model

This model assists Australian businesses with long term projects by focusing separately upon key components of three critical areas: the engagement and design process (team composition, goals and ramp-up plan, interviews and candidates selection); short term knowledge transfer(knowledge transfer and training, infrastructure set-up, process, and security); and long term management/operational aspects(control/reporting/improvement and expansion).

How It Works

When you use Softqube, you enjoy advantages in establishing remote offices. These include:

  • We’ll work at the grassroots as your IT partner
  • Minimize office overhead expenses
  • Obtain predictable project parameters from the outset
  • Operate globally, in scalable form

Vertical Technologies

Today Australian enterprises require many critical IT services. We offer a talented poole of experts capable of completing a variety of
software development projects, including:


Softqube strives to promote excellence in Information Technology. We’ll respect your intellectual property
and the integrity of proprietary programs.



Depend upon the Softqube Model to enable your enterprise to meet all of its Information Technology needs in a dynamic, rapidly expanding global marketplace. You can select the type of model which best suits your enterprise needs, and draw upon our large poole of skilled IT staffing professionals to complete short-range or long term projects and maintenance objectives.