Permanent Placement Staffing Services

Permanent Placement
Staffing Services

Many Australian businesses seek qualified professionals to provide regular, long term, ongoing Information Technology support. Softqube helps clients recruit a well trained, experienced IT staff.

As an accepted IT solutions provider working in the forefront of offshore software development, we possess access to some of the most highly skilled experts in this field. We furnish IT services to numerous Australian companies. We can help your firm by supplying:

  • Consultation about IT skill sets and training
  • Detailed software and platform specifications for specific positions
  • Advice regarding IT industry trends impacting recruiting
  • Temporary IT staffing services
  • Long term placement recruiting services
  • Assistance with candidate screening, testing and evaluation
  • Ongoing IT department support
  • IT permanent job placement services

Rapidly Developing

We help keep your IT staff current in all aspects of Information Technology impacting your firm’s operations. With so many computer programming languages, and a multitude of popular platforms, the changing needs of business enterprises today usually require hiring professionals with specialized technical skill sets. In order to maintain a vibrant, lean and agile work force, a growing number of Australian enterprises seek input from experts.

Softqube possesses resources and expertise that assist Human Resource Departments in recruiting talented, capable IT professionals. Let us help you locate well trained candidates to assist you in attaining your technology objectives more easily.

Addressing a Multitude of IT Issues

One advantage you gain by calling upon our IT permanent job placement services concerns the breadth of our expertise. For instance, we’ll assist you in locating qualified professionals to work in:

  • Software Development
  • Systems Analysis and Business Software Services
  • Website Design and Navigation
  • Multimedia Technologies
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Database Technology, Backup and Recovery
  • Mobile Application Development and Maintenance
  • Systems Integration across Multiple Platforms
  • IT Infrastructure Solutions, and more

We offer valuable placement recruiting services to support Australian businesses. Our extensive international contacts enable us to draw upon a large poole of potential candidates for many positions.

Staffing Solutions

Softqube expedites the task of obtaining short and long term staffing solutions. We’ll help you locate and recruit the most highly qualified IT professionals in your industry.


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