Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality Assurance
& Testing

Softqube assists numerous Australian businesses by offering valuable offshore software program and application development expertise. The provision of ongoing services usually represents an integral part of this process. We provide:

  • Application development according to your specifications
  • Assistance with quality assurance (“QA”) and testing services
  • Temporary and permanent IT staffing services

An Important Aspect of Software Development

Quality assurance and testing allow software developers to offer high value products to clients. A careful audit and inspection of code helps mainta in quality control (“QC”) throughout the development process.
Before a finished program reaches consumers (or the client who commissions the development of specific applications), the important step of testing and debugging ensures that the final version will perform according to specifications. This process can’t ensure that an application will function on every potential online platform, but it does make certain that the program
meets its intended objectives and will perform in the way the client expects on designated platforms.


Softqube And Software Development

As an accepted leader in the offshore software development field, the skilled experts who help develop products for clients through Softqube appreciate the importance of rigorous QA and QC processes. Ongoing testing and debugging help ensure the seamless operation of applications in a rapidly changing online environment. We will work according to your specifications to help deliver the applications you require for your business operations. Our services include:

  • Coding
  • Conducting code audit and inspection services
  • Debugging
  • Comprehensive QA and QC services, and more

The Value of Ongoing Development Projects

A comprehensive software development process often includes an ongoing aspect, as programmers work to support or expand a program’s performance on recently released platforms, or in conjunction with other software programs developed elsewhere. This iterative process leads to the release of new versions of popular software programs during a typical development life-cycle.

Although cloud technology has considerably alleviated software compatibility concerns, this issue still remains important in many contexts. A company may choose to maintain legacy systems, even though some important business functions have migrated to cloud-based platforms. Softqube can offer ongoing development support, in addition to initial application coding services.

QA and QC Staffing Support

Softqube also offers short term or long term IT staffing services to assist companies with QA and quality control projects in the Australian marketplace.
With the ability to call upon programmers with expertise in a variety of computer languages, we supply the capabilities and
experience required to complete many industry-specific development projects.

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